Easel Setup

The easels are transported in a "packed down" format, and need to be set up - it doesn't take long.
The parts are:
  • the A frame (including back leg that makes up the tripod)
  • shelf
  • mast (optional)

We've described the steps in the youtube video below...

Planning the easel setup:

Before setting up the easel, consider how big your work is, and the height you want to display it at. This determines where the shelf is placed. There are three positions available for the shelf:

  1. Below the middle rail. You would use this setting only for a very large piece to be displayed, as it puts the bottom of the work quite low. In this case, the shelf and the mast can be attached in either order.
  2. Above the middle rail. This is the most common (90%) location for the shelf. You will find that the height can be adjusted from the lowest position (where the shelf "rests" on the middle rail) to the highest position, where the shelf bolts are touching the inside of the A-frame. In this case, first fit the shelf into the A-frame by loosening (not removing) the knobs and tilting the shelf so as to slide it inside the A-frame (as per the video).
  3. Highest position. In some cases, especially where the display piece is small, the shelf can be mounted to the A-frame with the shelf bolts to the outside of the A-frame. To achieve this, one of the shelf knobs needs to be fully removed, so that the shelf can be positioned near the top of the A-frame. In this case, fit the mast first, then fit the shelf last.