Eiffel Tall Double Sided Easel

Check out our Eiffel double sided easel. Display one or even two pieces on each side of the easel. These easels are 1800mm high, A-frame style, with a shelf on each side. One item can be displayed on each side of the easel. It is even possible to use two shelves on one side, and display two pieces (providing the sizes are right – one on top of the other).

The shelf on each side of the double sided easel can be at a different height than the other side. Some other double sided easels use a single double sided shelf, meaning both displayed pieces have to be the same size and displayed at the same height).

The first outing for these easels was at World Of Style, the fantastic design showroom in City Road South Melbourne. It is a great place to see many different design ideas, covering various rooms of the house as well as outdoor living.

Double easel 1800mm tall Art Show Partitioning placing image
Double easel 1800mm tall Art Show Partitioning placing image

Development of the Eiffel double sided easel started with a design process, progressed to having a prototype made, and then modifying and improving the design. The final result is a simple, elegant, tall double sided easel that is functional, flexible, and attractive.

The Eiffel double sided easel has widely spaced uprights, so is not suitable to display small items (less than 350mm wide) as the support is at the sides rather than in the middle (as with the Prado easel).


Price rate per easel:

Duration Rate
One day (24 hrs) $41.25
Two – Three days $57.75
One Week $74.25
Per week longer $57.75

Delivery and Pickup

Additional services such as delivery and pickup are additional cost – contact us for a quote.

Customer pickup and return are also available. Keep in mind that at 1800mm tall these easels are not as easy to transport as our Prado easels (which fit in the back seat of a car).

Also we have provided other services such as customised brackets for very large images – see the Gallery page for an example. Let us know if there are some customisations that will help with your display requirements.