Budget easel hire – Rustic Pine Easels

April 12, 2018 Ian Shaw

For budget easel hire we now have stock of Rustic Pine Easels for hire.

They are a basic easel with an unrefined finish; some of the easels have dings or scratches, and others have paint drips. They use a peg system (round peg goes into a hole in the frame to support the picture) rather than a shelf system.

As these are basic easels they will be cheaper to hire – the budget easel hire rates are 30% cheaper than our Standard Easels:

  • $19.25 for one day hire;
  • $26.95 for up to 3 days (less than $9 per day);
  • $30.80 for a week (wow that´s even better value);
  • $23.80 for each additional week beyond the first (double wow!!).

They are a tall A-Frame style easel (around 1800mm tall) so they are not as easily transported as our Standard Easels; do keep that in mind when considering these easels.

If you are after a basic easel at a budget price, our Rustic Pine Easels may be just the thing. Suggested uses for these easels includes:

  • school art shows;
  • community group art shows;
  • craft shows;
  • design markets;

Photos to follow soon.